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Welcome Awesome foodies!

We are Daniela and Vlad, a young couple living in the UK, two foodies and the masterminds of this, you know, awesome food blog! 

The Recipery was born from our love for healthy food, tea, sport and a secret passion for holistic remedies. It’s our foodie corner, where we will share with you a myriad of delicious recipes with simple and accessible ingredients.

"I love fantasy books, writing and cooking good food. "
"I am a developer who loves to eat what Daniela is cooking and usually have a lots of jokes in my pocket."

How it all started

Our journey began three years ago when we started to take fitness more serious and wanted to get fit. After months of going to the gym without any visible results, we realised that it was not enough. Because, you know – sport has a better effect on our body when is combined with good nutrition.

Further, to enlighten ourselves, we started to buy books to learn the magic of healthy cooking. We have tested simple diets and experimented with different recipes and flavours.

As a result, it has become our way of life, full of cooking experiments. Now, half of them are successes and the other half, well…lessons.

The best about The Recipery

Both of us value honesty, transparency, positivity and happiness. 

Therefore, at The Recipery, we will respect that when writing recipes. And most importantly, we will share the ingredients we used and the exact time of all the fun – the preparing and cooking.

More than that, we promise to amaze you with lots of yummy and colourful photos that will motivate you right away to try the recipes yourself.

Beside our passion for cooking, we love to travel and learn as much as we can from the world. We enjoy going to theatre, music festivals, art exhibitions and everything in between.

Then And Now At The Recipery​

The year of 2019 was big and spectacular for us. We made a huge step in our couple life and moved to the United Kingdom from Romania.

Here, we were mesmerised of the variety of ingredients and spices that we have discovered (and still discover every day). These are certainly bringing diversity in our recipes. The coolest thing, however, is that everything is so accessible. We can easily find every quirky and interesting ingredient in supermarkets or at the farmers’ markets.

For this reason only, our passion for healthy food and interesting recipes has become stronger. Just imagine, every ingredient I can think of is somewhere on an aisle waiting to be found. 

So we decided to share with you our enthusiasm and spread the love for healthy food with the help of our food blog – The Recipery.

And now here we are, telling our story to you our dear foodie!

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